The Miners Foundry volunteer force is an essential component of our organization.  Without a dedicated group of volunteers, the many events held annually at the Foundry wouldn’t be possible.  There are a number of ways to volunteer at the Miners Foundry!  Photos by Akim Aginksy


2012 Board Member Volunteers

Box Office (Will Call, Wristbanding)
Beverage & Bar Service
Event Set Up / Clean Up
Sound / Lighting Tech Assistance
Door Security
Office / Clerical
Landscape Maintenance


Do you have a talent you’d like to share or suggestions about other ways to volunteer at the Foundry?  Send Kat an email and share your thoughts!




2012 NYE VolunteersVolunteer for 6 hours at Miners Foundry produced events and receive 1 complimentary ticket to a Foundry produced event!

Complimentary tickets must be arranged with the Miners Foundry office at least 2 days prior to the show.

Complimentary tickets apply for select shows and a limited number are available for each show.



2012 ChildrenShoppingVolunteers6Volunteers must be sober and presentable.  As the Foundry produces a wide variety of shows, there isn’t a standard dress code.  Volunteers must be presentable according to the nature of the event at which they are volunteering.

Volunteers are not guaranteed a seat for the show during their volunteer shift.  If you have specific needs or physical limitations, please let us know so accommodations may be made.



NCBO Volunteers
The Foundry offers a wide range of musical, theatrical, and dance productions annually.

Volunteers are emailed with upcoming event opportunities.

Volunteers must have a valid email address.



2012 NYE Volunteers2


Email Kat at kat@minersfoundry.org

Thank you! 





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