Help Preserve the Historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center

Sheila Cameron

“It connects us to the legacy of the people who built this place, the artists that saved it and the artists that continue to make work here.”

Sheila CameronArtist, DANK Collective

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Miners Foundry Memberships are available through monthly or annual donations.

The best way to support the Miners Foundry is with easy monthly payments of $5 or more.

Miners Foundry Membership Drive

Membership Levels

Choose the Membership level that works for you!


    $60 / year or $5 / Month
    Early ticket purchase privileges to select Foundry shows, invitation to Foundry Membership events, plus two complimentary drink coupons.


    $120 / year or $10 / Month
    Cornerstone Member benefits, plus 20% off tickets for all Miners Foundry productions in 2017.  Join before 12/31/16 and receive two additional Foundry drink coupons and 20% off tickets for the 2016 New Year’s Eve Bash!


    $300 / year or $25 / Month
    Patrons Member benefits, plus a collection of Osborn/Woods greeting cards.


    $600 / year or $50 / Month
    Founders Member benefits, plus two additional drink coupons.  Join before 12/31/16 and receive two Miners Foundry etched wine glasses!


    $1,200 / year or $100 / Month
    Lester Pelton Society Member benefits, plus reserved parking for any Miners Foundry presented event with your event tickets.  Join before 12/31/16 and receive two additional Miners Foundry etched wine glasses!


The mission of the Miners Foundry Cultural Center is to preserve, enhance, and utilize the historic Miners Foundry while promoting cultural, educational, historical, and social activities.

The Miners Foundry Cultural Center is owned and operated by the Nevada County Cultural  Preservation Trust, a public charitable trust.

Gifts to the Miners Foundry Cultural Center are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The Miners Foundry Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation.

Federal Tax Identification Number 68-0177238.

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Benefits of becoming a Monthly Sustaining Member

Monthly giving helps you spread your contributions over a year, instead of giving in one larger lump sum. The Monthly Sustainer Program is flexible: You may increase, decrease, postpone, or stop donations at any time. Even a small amount is significant when given over 12 months.

Sally Harris

“It’s important for people to remember this is a non-profit, it is not a publicly owned building, so it needs our help…”

Sally HarrisMayor, Nevada City

How does monthly giving work?

With Monthly Giving, you may designate a monthly contribution of any amount either be charged to a credit card or debited from your checking account.  The Miners Foundry will process this secure transaction each month.

  • At the end of the year, you’ll receive a single summary of your contributions, including a tax receipt.
  • Monthly contributions are flexible and can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Advantages of Becoming a Monthly Member

  • Affordability

    Spread your contribution out over the year.  Monthly giving allows you to give a large annual gift through smaller monthly payments.

  • Flexibility

    Choose a donation level that works for you.  Then, if for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, or suspend your gift, you can do so on our website or by calling the Miners Foundry office at (530) 265-5040.

  • Convenience

    Your gift will appear each month on your credit card or debit card statement.  Avoid the hassle of writing a check, and receive a single summary of all of your gifts.

  • Member Benefits

    Monthly members receive the same benefits on an annual basis as one-time donors.

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How does monthly giving benefit the Miners Foundry?

Like all arts and cultural organizations, the Miners Foundry cannot rely on ticket sales and event rentals alone. Memberships and donations play a significant role in ensuring the success and continuation of the Miners Foundry.

Membership benefits include early ticket purchase privileges to select Foundry shows, the lowest ticket prices, invitation to Foundry Membership events, and complimentary drink coupons.

Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly, & Mission-focused

A monthly recurring donation program saves us thousands of dollars in materials and postage, and reduces the amount of paper we use when soliciting for donations.

Monthly membership reduces administrative time and expenses, and ensures a continual stream of support, allowing the Foundry to continue to preserve the historic building, present an array of programming choices, and provide a gathering place for the community.

Brian Buckley

“[The Miners Foundry is the] … physical, literal, cultural, and historical bedrock of Nevada City.”

Brian BuckleyNevada County Arts

Increased Cash Flow

Recurring donations are beneficial from an operational perspective.  With traditional giving, we receive a majority of our donated income during a couple months throughout the year.

Part of this is due to the seasonal nature of giving (typically spring, fall, and year-end).  This introduces operational challenges, particularly for smaller organizations.

Revenue may be confined to certain months throughout the year, but operating costs are generally spread out pretty evenly.

Building a steady stream of recurring donations can help  us reduce this imbalance and provides much needed support year-round.

Improved Organizational Planning

A monthly recurring donation program can help us improve our long-range planning and decision-making.  Revenue from recurring donations is far more predictable than revenue from one-time donations.

Being able to predict income in advance helps with longer range budgeting and decision-making.  It’s a lot easier to commit to hiring a new staff member or planning new programming, if we know we will be able to cover these costs with recurring revenue.

Thank you to our 2016 Business Sponsors:

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