2014 Artisans Festival Gallery

Start your holiday season with a visit to the 2014 Artisans Festival – Friday and Saturday, November 28 & 29 at the historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center.  This holiday tradition is one of the longest running festivals in Nevada County and is known for showcasing the exceptional work of regional artisans.  This year’s festival takes the term “Art Party” to another level with dozens of new artists, installation art displays, performance art, live music, children’s holiday art activities, and a rustic, bohemian Acoustic Café and Wine Bar.  Hours 10am-5pm.  Tickets $3/per day, $5/Weekend Pass, Children under 15 free.  Below is a gallery of this year’s more than thirty participating artisans.

Karen West, Jewelry

Karen West, Jewelry

Erin Kinsley

Erin Kinsley, Plant Paintings

Cindy Ayala

Cindy Ayala, Clothing

Brigitte Mayer

Brigitte Mayer, Found Object, Screen and Wood Block

Martha Jones, Reuse Ceramics

Martha Jones Reuse Artist

Don Augstein

Don Augstein, Wood

Eileen Blodgett

Eileen Blodgett, Acrylic, Print, Water Color

Elany Prusa, Hand Painted Functional tiles

George Anderson

George Anderson, Jewelry

Jack West

Jack West, Wood

Jerianne VanDijk

Jerianne VanDijk, Water Color

Jude Bischoff

Jude Bischoff, Oil Paintings

Kathryn Wronski

Kathryn Wronski, Oil Paintings

Kelly Bechtold

Girl on a Motorcycle, Leather


Krista Tranquillo

Krista Tranquilla, Jewelry

Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis, Water Color

Liz Collins

Liz Collins, Mixed Media

Lynn Wood

Lynn Wood, Ceramics

Martin Haechler

Martin Haechler, Martin Arkenstone

Maura Blackburn

Maura Blackburn, Ceramics

Omonivie Okhade

Omonivie Okhade, Jewelry

Paul Steege

Paul Steege, Ceramics

Phyllis Williams

Phyllis Williams, Glass

Richard Davis

Richard Davis, Leather

Seth Simpson

Seth Simpson, Ceramics

Shawn Ray Harris

Shawn Ray Harris, Photography

David Wong

David Wong, Nature and Landscape Art

Susan Porter

Susan Porter, Painting, Drawing, Digital

LeeAnn Brook

LeeAnn Brook, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Donald Dalke

Donald Dalke, Wood

Kathryn Finn

Kathryn Finn, Jewelry

Karen West


Myah Sarles, Mixed Media



3 replies
  1. Sue Habegger
    Sue Habegger says:

    Wondering if Marise Cherin (jewelry) and/or Jane Markham (woodwork) will be at Artisans Fair this year.

    They have been regulars for years but not pictured above.

    Phone 530-274-7481 if possible

    • minersfoundry
      minersfoundry says:

      Hi Sue,
      Marise and Jane are not at the Festival this year. Hope you’re able to come by the Foundry today or tomorrow to see this year’s wonderful artists!


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