480074_10151437089983325_314433884_nGetting involved with an organization doesn’t need to be a huge commitment, time consuming or expensive.

You’d be surprised, a little goes a long way with our non-profit community cultural center.

Time, Talent and Treasure are just three simple ways to get involved with the Foundry.



  1. Time: We love and need volunteers!  As a small staff of only six, volunteers are crucial.  They help us at rock concerts, decorating for the holidays, setting up for the numerous art fairs and festivals hosted at the Foundry, working with the schools on days we have spelling bees and events like the 7th grade medieval feast, and so much more! There are also great benefits to volunteering – working with a wonderful team, seeing concerts, and giving back to the community at large are just a few.
  2. Talent: Is there something you are particularly awesome at? Perhaps you are a fine wood worker or a retired history teacher – your talents are welcomed at the Foundry!  This great building was built by people like you who were willing to share you gifts by helping to restore areas of the building, lead walking tours for visitors, plant and maintain the outdoor gardens, and help with fundraising.
  3. Treasure: Tax deductible donations are critical to the vitality and longevity of the Miners Foundry. These can come in the form of business sponsorships, becoming a monthly member at the low price of $5/mo, making an annual donation, setting up a living trust, or simply supporting various campaigns throughout the year, such as our current Holiday Campaign to help with decorating the Foundry for the Holiday.
Like we said, every little bit helps and you would be surprise how far your $60 annual donation can go to preserving this historic and iconic landmark for future generations.

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