AMOT ~ Saturday, March 8, 2014

3969-NCSA_AMOT2014_Poster_LetterSizeNevada City School of the Arts presents its 16th annual A Matter of Taste.  This evening of merriment includes wine tasting, delectable treats, fantastic auction items from our generous local and regional business community, beautiful art, music to listen to and music to dance to.  Join this vibrant community of people who believe that art and music are essential to every child’s education.  Wear your tuxedo or wear your blue jeans, taste the wine, mingle with your friends, bid high, bid often and enjoy the evening.

All proceeds benefit the art, music, performance and field study program at Nevada City School of the Arts.



NCSA LogoNevada City School of the Arts is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through 8th grade students throughout Nevada County, California.  The shared vision of our school is to provide a rigorous academic environment, using art as a lens to shape curriculum.  The Arts – Music, Dance, Theater, and the Visual Arts – are crucial to the complete education of a child.  Their practice, understanding and appreciation are essential to human experience and learning itself.

Participation in the arts fosters a balanced and enriched life and engenders a commitment to excellence.  The Arts are not simply a means; they are an end in themselves.  The Arts make us human and whole.


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