“Letting the Mystery” Art Exhibition by Kara Asilanis ~ Nevada City Box Office ~ Wednesday through Saturday ~ 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. ~ August 1 through 26, 2012

Red Chair at Morning

About the Collection

Every painting presents the question, how do I paint what I see?  I find more and more that any ideas I have when I start are usually best put aside.  My mind will probably never know beforehand what will happen in a painting; at best the ideas form a loose framework.  It’s a constant dance of intent and letting the mystery unfold.  Usually it’s the mystery, not knowing how this stroke, this line or this color will turn out but forging ahead anyway, that proves to be most intriguing and also hardest to do.  My favorite paintings happen when I can let that mystery take the lead.

Sunset Oaks




About the Artist

Kara Asilanis is a northern California painter, living and loving it in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.






For more information about Kara, please Visit Website.

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