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The Pelton Wheel

Invented in the 1870s by Lester Allan Pelton, the Pelton Wheel revolutionized hydro-power and hydroelectricity. Manufactured at the Miners Foundry, the Pelton Wheel is an impulse type water turbine which extracted energy from moving water, as opposed to water’s dead weight. The paddle geometry design used by Pelton meant when the rim ran at half […]

Boudoir @ the Foundry

Have you been considering a boudoir photography session?  They aren’t just for the bedroom any more! Photography by Savvy Kay Photography Styled by Savvy Kay

The Stone Hall

Built in 1859, the Stone Hall is the oldest section of the historic Miners Foundry.  The Foundry has always moved in conjunction with Nevada City, adapting its use to serve the community for the last 160 years.  Initially named Nevada in reference to the snow capped mountains surrounding the area, Nevada City was incorporated in […]

Faces of the Foundry – Jeffrey Dupra

  Jeffrey Dupra could be described as a true Renaissance man of Nevada County.  A talented writer, artist, performer, and musician, he generously spends much of his time volunteering for many local organizations, including the Miners Foundry.   Today he shares his love of the Yuba, history, and Iris Dement. Are you originally from Nevada […]

Upper Gallery Ceiling

  “Charles & David saw beauty in all people, animals, and things, even when they were considered junk by others. ” ~ Paul Matson To see one of the most beautiful areas in the Miners Foundry, simply look up.  The ceiling in the Upper Gallery is one of many items (including the Foundry building itself) […]

Gus & Leora

Congratulations!  We hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!

Faces of the Foundry – Janis de Santi

  Because of the variety of events at the Foundry, volunteers may help at a Greg Brown show one night, then pivot to a major production like Fright Night, sometimes in the same week.  Miners Foundry volunteers are often asked to do a number of tasks, from wrist banding patrons, to ushering, to checking I.D.s.   […]

May Martin Goyne

The consummate blend of professional, philanthropist, community leader, and supporter of the arts, May Martin Goyne continues to inspire women in Nevada County.  Born in Nevada City in 1875, May spent the majority of her life here, graduating from Nevada Union High School.  At the age of 12, May visited England to attend Queen Victoria’s […]

Faces of the Foundry – Glady Birdsong

  One of the most devoted supporters of the Miners Foundry is Glady Birdsong.  Glady has served on the Miners Foundry Board of Trustees for many years (currently as Secretary) and is very involved with the Nevada City community.  We are so thankful for her dedication, graciousness, and the cookies she routinely supplies to our […]

The Joseph Mayer Organ

Although many historical pieces on display at the Miners Foundry, the Joseph Mayer pipe organ is a definite favorite.  Born May 27, 1823 in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, Joseph Severin Mayer was the first builder of organs in California.  He immigrated to the United States in 1853 and initially worked in several organ factories in New […]