Cathy and Tom

Congratulations to Cathy & Tom, who celebrated their marriage with an autumn wedding at the Foundry!
“Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Photos by Randy Jackson Photography
Catering by Emily’s Catering & Cakes

Barrington 1.jpgBarrington 23.jpgBarrington 35.jpgBarrington 77.jpgBarrington 82.jpgBarrington 102.jpgBarrington 145.jpgBarrington 41.jpgBarrington 57.jpgBarrington 115.jpgBarrington 146.jpgBarrington 152.jpgBarrington 155.jpgBarrington 192.jpgBarrington 196.jpgBarrington 219.jpgBarrington 262.jpgBarrington 302.jpgBarrington 385.jpgBarrington 300.jpgBarrington 352.jpg

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