Faces of the Foundry – Bill Holman


John Lenz (left) and Bill Holman (right)


Stop by a Miners Foundry show and you are sure to meet Bill Holman, our volunteer Bar Manager.  Bill kindly consented to take part in our first Question & Answers session for Faces of the Foundry.  Read on to learn more about the man who makes your favorite martini!

Where are you from originally?  Why did you decide to move to Nevada County?

I grew up in Los Altos, CA and also had my advertising / graphic design business there.  I bought a house and property in Nevada City in 1984 as a vacation home to get out of the Bay Area on the weekends.  I moved to Nevada County permanently in 1988, and also moved my business here.

How did you discover the Miners Foundry? 

I was introduced to Miners Foundry in 1989 by George Foster, who was on the Board of Directors at the time.

What were your initial impressions of the Foundry? 

I was initially impressed with the history of the building as a metal foundry and machine shop.  I also realized the influence the Miners Foundry had on the community, as an events center that hosted so many different events supporting the arts and the community at large.

How long have you been volunteering at the Foundry?

I have been volunteering at the Miners Foundry since 1989.  In 1990, Miners Foundry became a client of mine.  I produced their marketing material, such as ads, newsletters, brochures, and promotional materials for special events.  I am now the Bar Manager for the Foundry.

What do you like best about the Miners Foundry building?

I like the history of the building, especially the Stone Hall with its massive fireplace.

What are your favorite types of events at the Foundry?

I enjoy the special events the Foundry has done, such as the Winefest Grape Stomp.  The Miners Foundry used to do a membership drive that coincided with the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.  One of the jazz bands would perform at the Foundry.  Often the bands were from other countries such as Germany, Poland, or Russia.

Do you have a memory to share about an event at the Foundry?

Each New Year’s Eve, the Miners Foundry has a large party that can bring as many as 500 people.  On New Year’s Eve in 2014, the power went out for about two hours [due to a storm].  The bands couldn’t play due to the power outage, but the drummers could still play.  Achilles Wheel was the headliner that year, and they have two drum sets and two drummers.  The drummers did a 45 minute set while the power was out.  At the bar, we were making drinks by flashlight.  The power came back at 11:30, just in time to toast the New Year.

Would you encourage others to become involved with the Miners Foundry? 

Getting involved with the Miners Foundry is a great way to meet people in our community and it also gives someone a chance to give back to the community.