The Osborn/Woods Hall boasts a stage with world class sound and lighting capabilities and can hold 325-650 people, depending on seating arrangements.  The stage is 20′ deep at center to the back curtain and 26′ wide, wing to wing.  The wings are 6′ and can be pulled back if necessary.  There is a 4′ crossover at the back of the stage.

“Just a note to thank you for great job on the sound system.  It’s a compliment when I say I didn’t notice the sound and enjoyed the music immensely … you obviously know your audience.  Also you staged the band perfectly… could not have been better.”  ~ Comment from a recent Foundry patron


The Osborn/Woods Hall

The Osborn/Woods Hall

4 Rat Sound Rat Trap 5 4-Way Quad Amplified Full Range Top Boxes (EV 15″x2, EV 10″x2, JBL 2″, 18 Sound 1″)
4 Rat Sound Subwoofers – Double 18″ (EV EVX-180B Loaded)
Crest Audio Professional Series 8001, 7001, 4801 Amplifiers
XTA DP448 4-Way Stereo Processor / DSP for Tops
BSS FDS-310 Crossover with Symetrix 501 Limiter for Subs on Aux Send
Ashley PQX-571 Parametric EQ for Subs on Aux Send
Xilica DLP4080A Utility Processor for delays & supplemental EQ EV ZxA1 Fills for Stage Lip

Douglas Hope Hooper

Photo Credit ~ Douglas Hope Hooper

Monitors – Up to 8 Mixes from FOH or separate monitor desk (A&H GL2200-32)*
4 Mackie SRM450 Wedges (Self Powered Bi-Amped 12″ 2-Way)
4 Mackie SR1530 Side and Drum Fills (Self Powered Tri-Amped 15″ 3-Way)
2 Turbosound 18″ Subwoofers for Side Fills
TDX CX Series Crossovers for Side Fill Subwoofer / Tops Split
Crest Audio Professional Series 7001 Amps for Side / Drum Fill Subs

Mix Desk – FOH

John Taber

Photo Credit ~ John Taber

Avid (Digidesign) Venue SC48 48 Input / 16 Output Digital Mixer with SC48 Plugin Bundle
Avid IO16 Analog I/O board installed to insert analog processing

Dynamics & Effects (can be inserted on Venue’s IO16 upgrade or A&HGL2200)
BSS DPR 404 Quad Compressor
DBX 1046 4 Channel Compressors
Aphex 622 2 Channel Noise Gates
Aphex 612 2 Channel Noise Gates

Simon Weller

Photo Credit ~ Simon Weller

TC Electronics M-One XL Digital Reverb / Multi-Effects Processors
TC Electronics D-Two Digital Delays
DBX 120A Sub-harmonic Bass Synthesizer

Mics & DI
Audix D, ADx, & i5 Series Instrument Mics
Audix OM Series Vocal Mics
Shure SM & Beta Series Vocal & Instrument Mics
Sennheiser E906 & E609 Instrumental Mics
Sennheiser Evolution 100 Series Wireless Mics
Countryman E6 Ear / Headset Mics
Radial JDI Passive DI’s

John Taber

Photo Credit ~ John Taber

Whirlwind Hot Box Active DI’s
Whirlwind Director Passive DI’s
Whirlwind pcDI Sterio Active DI’s
Whirlwind IMP2 Passive DI’s
Whirlwind ISO 1 Line Level Isolation Transformers

Snakes & Stands
Whirlwind Medusa 24 x 8 ch. snack with Monitor Split*
Pro Co 24 ch. supplemental snake when more than 24 inputs are required
Whirlwind Medusa 12 ch. return snake
Whirlwind Mini 6 & Mini 12 Sub-Snakes
K&M Boom Mic Stands

Cherylynn Allen

Photo Credit ~ Cherylynn Allen

Atlas Straight Mic Stands

Mix Desk – Monitors*
Allen & Health GL2200 32 channel, 6 Mix + Stereo Side Fills (8 Mixes total)




John Taber

Photo Credit ~ John Taber


House System:
8 Full Color PAR 64 LED
32+ Par 64 / gels

Available for Additional Fees:
4 Chauvet Q-Spot 260 LED Moving Lights
4 Chauvet Q-Wash 260-60 Watt LED Moving Head
2 Chauvet Intimidator 250 Spot Moving Lights
2 Chauvet Scan 250 Moving Lights
1×2.5 Watt Class IV Color Laser
4×1/2 Watt Class IV Green Lasers

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