Will I have to renew my donation every year?

No.  We’ll automatically renew your gift, and continue your monthly donation without interruption.  You can contact us when you know your card is about to expire, so we can updated it and keep your payments continuing uninterrupted.  Please call the Miners Foundry office at (530) 265-5040 to do this.

Will I receive a Membership Card?

Yes.  We’ll send you a card after receiving your first monthly gift.  After that, you’ll receive a new card (plus our gratitude!) in your anniversary month each year.

Can I Make Extra Donations?

Absolutely!  The Miners Foundry always welcomes as much support as you are able to contribute, and we greatly value any extra donation you are inspired to make.

What if I need to change the amount I’m donating?

You are in complete control of your giving, and you are welcome to increase, decrease, or stop your monthly donations at any time.  Contact the Foundry at (530) 265-5040 or [email protected] to make any changes.

How do I update my credit card number?

Call us at (530) 265-5040.  Please don’t email your new information to us, we can’t guarantee the security of your information that way.

What if I need to suspend or cancel payments for a little while?

Email us or give us a call at (530) 265-5040 and let us know what you’d like to do.

Is my credit card or checking account information secure with you?

Your security is very important to us.  We use PayPal for all our membership transactions.  Please click here for PayPal’s privacy policy.  If you mail in a form with your credit card or bank debit card information, we will process this through PayPal and shred your donation form after the transaction is complete.  We do not keep your credit card or checking account information on file at the Miners Foundry.

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