Foundry Workers Outside of the Foundry


Ironworks foundry and blacksmith shop opens to repair and replace heavy machinery manufactured in San Francisco and Sacramento and hauled to the mining camps by teams of horses and oxen.

Foundry Workers with a Wheel Formed at the Foundry


Fire destroys most of Nevada City, including the Foundry.

Machine Shop


The Foundry is rebuilt using local granite and natural stone, and is named The Nevada Iron and Brass Foundry and Machine Shop.

Andrew Smith Hallidie – father of the present day San Francisco cable car system


It is believed Andrew Hallidie, inventor of San Francsico’s cable car system, builds the second Pine St. Bridge over Deer Creek with equipment cast at the Foundry.

The largest single pour Pelton Wheel, cast at the Foundry


Lester Pelton models, tests, and manufactures the Pelton Wheel.*

An Agreement dated 1917


Foundry is sold to William Martin and renamed Miners Foundry. Martin previously owned the local Mayflower Mine which yielded a million dollar takeout in five years. He used the first commmercial Pelton Wheel to operate his stamp mill.

Foundry expands, fabricates steel, makes pipe fittings, rails, ore cars, and supplies for General Electric as well as gateballs for Hoover Dam, steel pieces for the spire of the TransAmerica Building in San Francisco, decorative pieces, parts for Liberty ships and the “Wee Willie” state-of-the-art juicer.

The Foundry circa 1950


Building is purchased by Ray Amick who sells off machinery, although some steel fabrication continued.

sketch by Suzanne Hankins of the fireplace installed around 1974


Foundry is purchased by Charles Woods and David Osborn, San Francisco artists, who change the name to the American Victorian Museum, and convert the building, creating a venue for the performing arts. Community radio KVMR begins broadcasting.


Foundry is purchased by Nevada City Winery; Victorian Museum relocates.


Foundry is donated to the Nevada County Cultural Preservation Trust and renamed Miners Foundry Cultural Center; for cultural, historical, business, social
and community events.

* California Registered Historical Landmark #1012 plaque, Pelton Wheel Manufacturing Site.

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