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Nevada County Coloring Club


Local Artist Lenka Vodicka is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the Miners Foundry Cultural Center.  The Nevada County Coloring Club is a monthly event for adults that embraces one of the hottest trends in creative relaxation and expression.

This is not your kid’s coloring club.  Professional quality coloring materials and high end pages, as well as mimosas and elegant pastries are included in the price. There is a limit of how many people can attend to ensure the event is comfortable, so advance reservations are recommended.  “We hope to encourage an elevated experience with details and presentation.  Coloring Club is a haven, a little escape from chores and daily routines, ” says creator Lenka Vodicka.

“This is a perfect fit for our new gallery space where DANK is located,” adds Gretchen Bond, Executive Director.  “Many members of DANK as well as the Foundry staff have known Lenka as a teacher at Nevada City School of the Arts and have seen the way she infuses projects with magic for the kids.  Being able to offer this type of event to adults and support Lenka’s vision is a special way to share this beautiful space.”

This is a new chapter for Vodicka, who is wrapping up her final year at NCSA.  As a published author, seasoned photographer, and creative leader, she is ready to embrace the new role of full time artist.  “It is a lot of work but I find pursuing my passions gives me the energy to push ideas forward.  Working with the Foundry and getting support from DANK has helped put my ideas into action.  I can’t wait to share the beautiful coloring books I’ve found.”

Finding the books was no easy task, many are sold out with the national attention adult coloring has generated.  Not only it is a great way to relax with friends, but it has also been shown to have mental health benefits.