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Faces of the Foundry – Glady Birdsong



One of the most devoted supporters of the Miners Foundry is Glady Birdsong.  Glady has served on the Miners Foundry Board of Trustees for many years (currently as Secretary) and is very involved with the Nevada City community.  We are so thankful for her dedication, graciousness, and the cookies she routinely supplies to our staff!


Are you originally from Nevada County?  If not, why did you decide to move to Nevada County?  Where are you from originally?

I was born in San Francisco, but spent my childhood in the Middle East. My husband Larry and I retired from the Bay Area and moved here in 2001 after visiting for years.

How did you discover the Foundry in the first place?

I attended a classical piano performance at the Foundry several years before we moved here.

What were your initial impressions of the Foundry? 

I was very impressed with the beauty and history of the site, and the fact that such a small town has a beautiful, diverse Cultural Center.

What do you like the best about the Miners Foundry?

It’s versatility. It is historical, yet hosts the most modern music and art forms. The variety of events is impressive.

Why did you choose to become involved with the Foundry? 

I love history, and this building, which embodies our Gold Rush history. Preservation of this treasure is certainly worthy of my efforts. I strive to involve others, too.

How long have you been serving on the Board?

I first served on committees and joined the Board in 2007. I served as president for 5 years, and now serve as secretary.

What types of events do you most enjoy? 

Music, art exhibits, the Robert Burns dinner, parties. I have attended several very moving memorial services there.

Would you encourage others to become involved with the Miners Foundry?  Why? 

Everyone loves the Foundry, but many do not realize the Foundry receives no regular government funding. We are very much dependent on donations. If everyone who says they love the Foundry made a small donation we could further restore and improve the building. The top of my list of improvements we could accomplish with more funds is to implement a self-guided tour with a hand-held recording device like you use in museums. We would install signage and old photos so people could clearly see what the building was like when it was a working foundry. We have an amazing, dedicated and talented staff who are key to the success of the organization. We appreciate them!