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Faces of the Foundry – Nick Ggem

Nick Ggem

It’s tough to capture a photo of Nick Ggem at the Miners Foundry, as he’s always in motion.  Regular visitors to the building, however, are very familiar with his quick smile and calm demeanor.  Here he reveals his stage diving past, a melt your heart wedding moment, and his behind the scenes advice to anyone planning a Foundry event.


Are you originally from Nevada County?  Why did you decide to move to Nevada County?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles.  I came to here to disappear.  Ha!

How did you first discover the Foundry?

I came to see a punk show in 1992, I believe.  There may have been stage diving…

What were your initial impressions of the Foundry?

I thought it was a funky, rustic little venue that perfectly suited this town.

How long have you been working at the Foundry?

A few years.

What do you like best about the Miners Foundry?

The Foundry is a place where art and culture are consistently appreciated by locals and visitors.

What are your favorite types of events at the Foundry?

Tough to pick one… but I think my favorites are the outdoor First Friday Art Walk concerts in summer.  Long summer evenings, music, wine, people… what’s not to love?

Do you have a story to share about an event at the Foundry?

I was in the kitchen when a bride and groom came in after their wedding ceremony.  They were in each other’s arms, giggling, saying “I can’t believe we did it!”  They looked like kids on Christmas morning.  They didn’t see me, but I’ll never forget the genuine, blissful look of pure happiness on their faces.  I think I got something in my eyes after that one…

What advice would you give clients planning an event at the Foundry? 

Ask staff such as myself, Kat, and Gretchen questions, and tell us what you are planning.  There is a good chance we could make suggestions on how to make your event smoother.