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4 Stamp Mill

Moira McLaughlin

Moira McLaughlin

The four stamp mill in front of the Miners Foundry building is a wonderful example of how a community working together can preserve its history.

The Stamp Mill

Kat Alves Photography

In 1991, the parts from a gold stamping mill were donated to the Miners Foundry.  The parts had originally belonged to the donor’s grandfather.

The Native Sons of the Golden West accepted the challenge of restoring the parts and reassembling the mill.  The iron parts of the mill had endured the passing years well, while the wooden timbers disintegrated when the initial transfer to the Miners Foundry was attempted.

Using the dimensions of the iron parts, volunteers were able to ascertain the size of the original vertical timbers and horizontal beams.

By 2000, the project was complete and today the stamp mill greets visitors as they arrive at the Foundry.