“What’s in a Name?” Art Exhibition by Kasia Severaid ~ Nevada City Box Office ~ Wednesday through Saturday ~ 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. ~ June 12 through July 23, 2012


About the Collection

The Nevada City Box Office is pleased to host “What’s in a Name?”, an art exhibit by Kasia Severaid.  The Box Office is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The exhibition will hang from June 12, 2012 through July 23, 2012.  Kasia’s unique artistic vision is achieved through endless repetition of horizontal and vertical brushstrokes along the lengths of her paintings.  This blending technique combines with the interactions between the colors to create a sense of depth within her paintings.



The title of this collection, “What’s in a Name?”, illustrates Kasia’s beliefs regarding the connections between the artist, the piece, and the viewer.  “When I work on a piece, I am a certain character created by my thoughts, emotions, and experiences at that moment of creation.  When a viewer is in front of a painting, he or she is also a specific character based on their thoughts, feelings and experiences at the moment they interact with the painting.  So when a viewer reads the name of a piece, I believe the character they are at that moment infuses the name of the painting with a certain character of its own.  The viewer’s notion of a person named “Wyler” influences their interaction with the painting and the emotions it evokes.” ~ Kasia Severaid




About the Artist

A native of Poland, Kasia immigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities, one of which turned out to be a chance to attend the University of California at Berkeley.   She studied Economic International Relations as well as Art Practice, graduating with a degree in both and deciding to make San Francisco her home.  Years later, Kasia made her way to Grass Valley, where she currently lives.  Her work has been featured and marketed in various venues ranging from the Bay Area art scene to commercial representation.





In her Own Words

“My work relies heavily on personal introspection.  I tend to base my paintings on intimate moods, emotions, and trains of thought.  Throughout life, I have often found myself capable of finding words to describe my thoughts and feelings, but incapable of actually using my voice to express them.  This is when my paintings become my voice and help me to express things I cannot otherwise verbalize.

I let my feelings and moods influence my color choices and then I paint, allowing my thoughts to wander as they please, going along on any tangent that may come up.




The repetition of my movements as I paint is a sort of meditation for me.  I get lost in the layers of paint and the thousands of brushstrokes as my mind ponders and processes my environment, my interactions and my experiences.  I aim to create an almost tactile experience for the viewer, giving him or her a sense of being able to touch the depths within my work.







I also hope to provide the viewer with an opportunity to get lost themselves, searching the layers of the paintings so they  may let their own mind wander, examining and exploring their present moods, feelings, and mindsets, allowing their reaction to the colors and their interactions with the painting to lead the way.”

To learn more about Kasia Severaid   Click Here



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  1. Tye St.James {Owczarski}
    Tye St.James {Owczarski} says:

    I’m looking forward to viewing your works this week.
    wonderful flowing images of secret dreams.


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