The Miners Foundry Cultural Center is a living historic treasure serving Nevada County as a cultural arts and community events center.

More than a venue, the nonprofit’s mission is to preserve, enhance and utilize the historic Miners Foundry for cultural, educational and social activities in Nevada County.

It is a symbol of California’s rich historical heritage, providing an educational and social bridge from our past to the present and future.


We believe history is important AND cool!

We believe you cannot forge a positive, bright future without paying homage and respect to the past.

We believe Cultural Centers create smarter kids, happier adults, and stronger economic and social communities.

We believe Art, Music, Theatre, and Dance matter.

We believe supporting other non-profits in our community is not only the right thing to do, it’s THE thing to do.

We believe your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life.

We believe there is magic between our Stone Walls.

We believe we are in honorable competition with our ancestors to preserve and keep this great building intact to hand down to the next generation.

Our Staff

Gretchen Bond

Gretchen Bond

Executive Director

Gretchen Bond has over 15 years of progressive experience in the nonprofit arts arena. Ms. Bond has held influential and leadership roles with the School of the Arts Educational Foundation, Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Literature Alive and the Miners Foundry Cultural Center. Gretchen was instrumental in the founding of the Bitney Springs Charter High School; the first Charter High School in Nevada County, as well as one of the original organizers of “Moms on the Mountains”; a unique fundraising event which has raised over $400,000 for the Nevada City Schools arts programs. She is also a Board Member of Nevada County Arts, the official Arts Council of Nevada County.

Gretchen moved to Nevada County, from Connecticut, in the mid 1980’s to make it her home. At that time, the Miners Foundry Cultural Center was the American Victorian Museum, as she recalls the AVM was “the place for entertainment in Nevada County.” With an Art History degree from the University of Richmond, VA, Gretchen has an appreciation for art, historic preservation and culture. Gretchen understands the essential role the arts play in the lives of the people and their community.

Hired by the Board of Trustees in 2005, Gretchen recognizes the unique place the Miners Foundry holds in the community; a cultural center that presents music and theatrical events while offering an elegant venue for weddings and private parties. The venue hosts art shows in the newly established Box Office Gallery, and is a perfect location for nonprofit fundraisers and an historic treasure to be preserved.

When asked what she loves most about the Miners Foundry, she said, “The Foundry has captured the spirit of the community, past and present. When you walk in to this building you get a sense that wonderful things happen here, it’s as if the walls of these great halls have absorbed everything that has taken place here and are holding these feelings to share with all of us”.

Kat Kress

Kat Kress

Events Coordinator

Kat Kress joined the staff of the Miners Foundry Cultural Center in 2011 as the Event Coordinator. She graduated in 2000 from Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and a Minor in English.

Kat moved to Nevada County in 2005 after searching for a unique place with the perfect blend of arts, culture, recreation, and the outdoors. Kat lives in Nevada County with her husband and 7 year old son and enjoys volunteering with local organizations such as The Friendship Club.

“For me, the Foundry is the perfect blend of history, the arts, and community. It’s truly a joy to share in something bigger than myself and to use my skills to contribute to our community.”