From humble beginnings as a machine shop in 1855 to its current incarnation as a cultural center and community meeting place, Miners Foundry has prospered and grown with Nevada County.


Men rushing to find gold in the Sierra foothills quickly realized they could extract even more of the precious metal with the proper machinery.

Ironworks Foundry and Blacksmith Shop opens in Nevada City

In response, the Miners Foundry was built in 1855 and grew up with Nevada City, serving the mines of the foothill region and helping Nevada County become the greatest gold-producing region of the entire world.

Pelton Wheel Manufactured In 1879

Over the years, metalworkers at the Foundry also exercised their skill fabricating equipment to ease the difficult life of those settling the western regions. Here is the birthplace of the famous Pelton Wheel in 1879, an invention which revolutionized hydroelectric powe

The Miners Foundry is open to the public

Visitors are welcome to tour the Miners Foundry where artifacts and photographs tell the story of its place in California history. The office and building are generally open from Tuesdays through Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many private events happen at the Miners Foundry, and these events may be closed to the public, so give us a call! (530) 265-5040

Historical Timeline

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