DJ Dance Night: KVMRx A’ Go-Go

DJ Dance Night Series: KVMRx A’ Go-Go

Saturday, June 15 | 8pm Show; 7pm Bar

Friday, July 26 | 8pm Show; 7pm Bar

Friday, August 16 | 8pm Show; 7pm Bar

KVMRx and Miners Foundry Cultural Center extend to you an exceptional invitation for a DJ Dance Night: KVMRx A Go-Go! Feel free to exult yourself in self expression and dance as we exalt your ears with an example of the exorbitant and exotic musical expertise of KVMRx DJs. The music begins at 8pm and ends at 12am. The Bar opens at 7pm and will feature a delicious signature cocktail! 

With excellent turntables and mixers, we’ll expound on funk, post-punk and expose you to ‘80s junk that’s got spunk. KVMRx is exceedingly excited to make our third exploit at the Miners Foundry and extol them for enabling this extravaganza. You can help KVMRx excel just with your exquisite presence! It’s expedient that you don’t miss such an experience!

Featured DJ’s

June 15: The Occupant, Orion and Bboy Supreme

July 26: DJ Stepdaddy, AL, Brissaa

August 16: Moore Bros., Troy, John Axel

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  • $8
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Contact Info
Please direct questions to [email protected]

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Some of the most unique, bizarre, genre-breaking, and risk-taking shows have come to life here on KVMRx. Exploring anything from niche genres such as ‘90s House, Afrobeat, Power Pop, Dark Wave, EBM, K-Pop, Early Folk Blues as well as eclectic shows that compare and contrast different cultures, genres, and time-periods, while still heavily focusing on new music that’s being released today. Broadcasting locally in Nevada City and Grass Valley at 105.7FM and worldwide at

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